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River Ride - Product Image
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River Ride

by Robert A. Tino
You must be this chilled out to ride this ride. If this tubing trio has a goal, it's little more than to learn the riverbed by heart and go where the currents know to flow. Smitten by certain sun madness, they happily forget any disguise they might wear - student, daughter, cousin, father, artist - other than that of river rat. Touring the waters that pass under Emert's Cove Covered Bridge, they adopt the dreamy late summer pace of the Little Pigeon. Maples, birches and evergreens bow out of respect to real river royalty and day lilies sigh as they pass by - the thick, hazy silence broken by a random giggle that catches in the air and hangs up just under the bridge. Lengthening rays beat on the weathering tin roof and there's a bend just ahead. Who knows where it goes? Truth is, who cares? Nothing to fret about here until the river deposits them at the take-out point of this long, easy, carefree River Ride. In honor of all our children - who all deserve a happy, healthy, carefree childhood - the Robert A. Tino Gallery continues its long tradition by dedicating a portion of all proceeds of River Ride to East Tennessee Children's Hospital to support its caring vision - Leading the Way to Healthy Children

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